1.  GIS (Spatial Collection  – System Development)GIS e1496645782634 - Services

We provides a system for capturing, storing, analyzing and managing data and associated attributes, which are spatially referenced to the Earth. We provide professional services which include:

  • Site data collection (GPS)
  • Scanning of hardcopy maps and documents
  • Data format conversion
  • Data transformation and map projections
  • Data and topological rebuilding
  • GIS system development.

2. Cartography and Mapping Servicesmap - Services

We also able to create any thematic maps. We provide all of our cartographic services, from concept through delivery, in the most efficient and cost -effective means possible. In effect, our goal is to become an extension of your project team.

We also engaged with remote sensing imagery and DEM data which acquired from mapping based satellite, LiDAR and drone (UAV).


3. GIS & IT Provider (Software / System)

We are able to supply, install, maintenance, supporting development and training of handling software and hardware upon GIS and IT services. Supplying desktop and server are included as the client and application integration spec.

Capture e1496643813137 - Services

4. Supply and Networking SetupNetwork 300x176 - Services

The service include:

  • Wifi vending machine.
  • Setting up Wifi -Zone
  • Server / Workstation
  • Computer infrastructure, etc

5. Software and System TrainingTraining - Services

Various software and system training especially for GIS and RS related discipline.The module/software includes:

  • Quantum GIS (QGIS)
  • ArcGIS
  • MapInfo
  • LiDAR processing
  • Remote Sensing processing

6. Supplying Surveying Instruments and Systemsurveying e1496645977651 - Services

The services include:

  • Remote control boat (Bathymetry)
  • GPS receiver
  • Drone

7. Real Estate ConsultancyReal Estate - Services

    • Strategic spatial analysis
    • Real estate investment
    • Housing consultancy
    • Build your own house (Architect drawing, QS, Contractor

8. Environment and Hydrological ConsultancyEnvironment e1496646192946 - Services

Include but not limited to site data collection, analysis, DEM correction, profile graph of chainage and output mapping.

  • Data collection (sampling, surveying, bathymetry)
  • Spatial analysis
  • Hydrological modelling

9. Web Map Service (GeoMap)

A low-cost, easy, flexible, customize-able and Malaysian made online mapping system which support Web Map Service (Publishing your spatial data) via could storage or from your own server. Supported by both desktop and mobile devices.

More info: GeoMap