Product / R&D

Dive into the realm of innovation with our specialized Product Development and Research & Development (R&D) services tailored for GIS. We take pride in pioneering advancements in GIS technology. Our devoted team is dedicated to crafting innovative products and leading-edge research, pushing the limits of what GIS can accomplish. Immerse yourself in the forefront of geospatial solutions through our extensive Product Development and R&D services.

  • Automatic Coordinate Detection (OCR)
  • Pothole & Street furniture Detection
  • Image-Object Detection (Rooftop, Waterbodies, Vehicles, Vegetation, Human)
  • Vehicles Tracking
  • INS360-Panoramic Processing Tools

Automatic Coordinate Detection(OCR)

Say goodbye to manual input errors and time-consuming processes—our innovative technology revolutionizes how coordinates are identified. Transform your workflow by embracing the efficiency and accuracy of our technology, redefining how coordinate data is seamlessly detected and integrated into your geospatial applications.

Effortless Automation
Revolutionize your workflow by automating coordinate detection, saving time and eliminating the potential for manual errors

Enhanced Data Quality
Elevate the quality of your geospatial data, ensuring that coordinates are accurately and consistently detected, contributing to reliable analyses

Time Efficiency
Streamline processes and increase efficiency by automating the coordinate identification, allowing your team to focus on higher-level tasks

Error Reduction
Minimize the risk of human error associated with manual coordinate input, enhancing the overall quality and reliability of your spatial data

INSpect Road
Damage Detector

We leverage advanced technology to identify and address urban infrastructure challenges. Our innovative solution combines state-of-the-art detection methods to identify potholes and street furniture, ensuring safer, well-maintained public spaces. Explore how our service enhances city planning, maintenance, and overall urban living, showcasing our commitment to smart, sustainable solutions.

Cost benefit (very minimum and on demand)

Digital data (video, point with image attachment)

Potentially increase frequency of potholes monitoring (level of severity)

Minimum time and manpower needed

Accurately estimate BQ cost and time for road maintenance

Engagement with technology (maintenance monitoring)

Image-Object Detection

Harnessing the power of advanced technology, we’ve developed a solution that accurately identifies and classifies diverse objects within images. Our product R&D revolutionizes image analysis, offering unprecedented precision and efficiency. Explore the possibilities and elevate your visual data interpretation with our innovative Image-Object Detection technology

Multi-Object Recognition
Identify and classify a wide range of objects, including rooftops, water bodies, vehicles, vegetation, and human presence

Unprecedented Precision
Each object is identified with remarkable accuracy, providing users with reliable and trustworthy insights for informed decision-making

Enhanced Efficiency
Unlock the power of rapid, on-the-fly image processing, allowing you to handle large datasets and perform complex analyses swiftly

Versatility in Applications
Our technology is versatile, catering to a wide range of applications across industries. Whether it’s urban planning, environmental monitoring, security surveillance, or any other field, our solution adapts to diverse use cases, offering flexibility and scalability

Vehicles Tracking

We’ve pioneered advanced technology that transforms video data into actionable insights. Step into the future of video analysis specializing in Vehicles Tracking ensures precise and efficient monitoring, providing real-time analytics for enhanced security, logistics, and beyond. Experience the next level of video analysis and empower your operations with our innovative technology.

Actionable Analytics
Transform raw video data into actionable insights, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize operational efficiency with our advanced analytics capabilities

Enhanced Security Measures
Elevate your security protocols with our Vehicles Tracking feature, providing an extra layer of protection through constant monitoring and immediate detection of anomalies

Logistics Optimization
Streamline your logistics operations with our technology, facilitating efficient route planning, resource allocation, and overall optimization for a more cost-effective and responsive logistics network

Seamless Integration
Experience a seamless integration of our innovative technology into your operations, offering a user-friendly and efficient solution that enhances your existing systems

INS360 Panoramic Processing Tool

Introducing INS360, our Panoramic Processing Tools. With a simple one-click process, INS360 empowers you with seamless masking, watermarking, and blurring capabilities for panoramic images. Revolutionize your visual content management with ease, precision, and efficiency.

Intuitive Workflow
Users can navigate effortlessly through the image processing workflow

Unrivaled Accuracy
Our solutions redefine accuracy standards, ensuring your data meticulously processed for reliable insights

High-Speed Efficiency
Unlock the power of rapid, on-the-fly image processing, allowing you to handle large datasets and perform complex analyses swiftly

Advanced Algorithms
Our tool ensures that your imagery is not just processed but refined to deliver the most detailed and reliable results

Cost effective
We don’t just save costs; we optimize them. No more paying for what you don’t need, we ensure you get the best value for your investment