i-Park Management System

All collected data (e.g. facilities status) will be display on Google Maps with appropriate symbol, while the information will be display in info window. It is very useful function in monitoring distribution of assets/facilities or other spatial objects within certain jurisdiction area. This application could help users to identify and locate all targeted facilities with its information, including the status or condition for each facility. The collected data were presented as polygons (settlement area), lines and points (facilities) for the viewing and overlaying with the base-map.

i park 300x183 - i-Park Management System

Besides, the application was also embedded with Google Satellite and Google Street View – easy to understand about the location and significance of the facilities. Google Satellite is one of the best approaches to navigate and understand our real world and point of interest (POIs). Google Street View also was made available for displaying the information and navigation along street view (panoramic views).

3 i park 300x147 - i-Park Management System2 i park 300x145 - i-Park Management System